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Our purpose is our northern star

Meet the team at OTB Engineering: Dr Susan Greene, managing director

As a leader I have learned the importance of purpose and value led leadership. It is what gives meaning to what we do and puts the focus of the organisation onto our core values.

Our purpose is our guiding north star and allows us to move past looking only at the bottom line and instead focus on values when making decisions and formulating strategies.

For us, it’s about prioritising the wellbeing of our team, creating value for our clients, and playing a pivotal role in improving the quality and sustainability of infrastructure and lives of others. How we do it is important - remaining authentic, agile and collaborative to deliver the right solutions first time.

For me personally, it's also about being true to yourself and honouring your own values. Aligning our strategy, culture, people and processes (thanks Jonathan Trevor and Jason Hamilton) with our purpose has made great business sense improving performance and efficiency. Dr Susan Greene


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