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Civil and geotechnical engineering office careers

Putting it together.

Good design requires care, thought and dedication.

Great ideas and smart design solutions need to be implemented and/or built. We are realistic about what can be achieved and our solutions remain pragmatic, even if they are novel and not always traditional. We are able to recognise what is achievable and by challenge, we use our experience, authority and tenacity to remove those limiting obstacles to reveal the real constraints on a project and define the true basis for commencing design.


Our design process is organised, appropriately resourced and well managed. Our decision making is structured and documented; it is repeatedly challenged by the team to ensure that it remains the best solution, and checked for engineering compliance. As we work with constructors, who value our ability to design cost-effective winning solutions right first time, this process is well honed.  However, we are always improving the way in which we work, reviewing what we do and learning from our experience. 


We operate a Quality Management System, which is independently certificated compliant under the international standard ISO9001:2008 and we are in the process of obtaining certification for ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management. We have been awarded a Carbon Smart Blue Certificate reflecting our ongoing sustainability programme and the reduction of impact on the environment from our activities. Additionally, through Achilles Building Confidence, we have been accredited with a 4-star rating; Achilles is a supplier pre-qualification and standards accreditation service for the UK construction industry that audits the company annually. We retain Peninsula Business Services Ltd to provide us with competent and timely advice on health, safety and welfare issues that arise in the course of our business. 




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