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Civil geotechnical engineering careers London

Perspectives. Being small we are nimble, adaptable and highly motivated.

Our clients recognise us for what we are good at and the value we bring to their business; this is usually in a relatively narrow specialism though they may be unaware that OTB is quite diverse, despite common aims across our business.


We apply strong scientific, engineering and business principles to challenge pre-conceptions, going back to first principles as necessary. We will seek to find another way of doing something if we believe that it can be done simpler, cheaper, quicker and above all safer with less risk. This applies equally to an engineering design, to a business transaction or process.  Often it is the unsaid obvious; though it may not be the routine, we aim to strike the right balance between creativity and compliance.


We are first and foremost engineers. Our business is civil engineering in the broadest sense and as a small company we are specialists in our fields.  And, being small we are nimble, adaptable and highly motivated.



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